The BBC banned Rod Stewart from singing one of the songs of his new new album because of its ‘anti-English overtones’ the singer revealed.

The song Grace, sung by the Celtic faithful on match day is a very heart breaking and poignant song that many have grown to love over the years.

It was after Rod Stewart heard a packed Celtic Park singing it that he knew he had to put it on his album.

So when he wanted to sing the song in front of the audience for the Graham Nortom show he was told on no uncertain terms that it wouldn’t be allowed.

The singer said

 ‘They won’t let me sing “Grace” because of its Irish, anti-English overtones in the song.

‘Forget about it, it’s one of the greatest love songs ever written. The guy goes to his death 15 minutes the next morning after he’s been married.’

The BBC have become a joke over the years who claim to be the pillars of impartiality.

They continue to let people report untruths to counteract fact on a daily basis in the name of ‘balance’.

Rod Stewart did play another song from his new album on the show and his Celtic drum sit proudly behind him.


  1. Rod you let us and yourself down
    More importantly you let Joseph and Mary down
    102 years on, the British establishment does not want to be reminded of the evil and veil atrocities that they committed on the brave men and women of 1916
    You should of said “up the rebels” and walked out
    How dare they tell you what to sing
    Totally disgusting and utterly awful that they would ban a love song
    Shame on them
    Hail Hail

  2. personally I don’t like sir rods take on the song…. if you want to hear it done properly go to youtube type in “the sisterhood, grace” n listen to how sir rods lassie n her pal do it ..

  3. Graham Norton was born in Cork BUT that does not mean he is a Irishman. A Irishman does not Forget his Country to suit a people who would rather if all what the English did here in Ireland and to other Country’s native population’s around this World of ours.
    Rod Steward should have told them that he picks the Songs he will sing
    . I am sure it would not have Bankrupted him if said No Grace No Rod Steward.

  4. Rod Stewart is a hypocrite, he claims to have went to Kilmainham Jail and studied the history about Joseph Plunkett, and his wedding to Grace Gifford. This from a man who was happy to go to Buckingham Palace to be given a Knighthood. If he is sincere, he will get rid of that “Sir”. If not, then he should stay away from Celtic Park altogether.


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