THere have been many critics of the SPFL league split since it was introduced and their voices might just get a little louder after the latest one planned for April.

As it stands, right now, The Rangers have already or will play every team in the top six right now twice at home.

Celtic, Hibernian, Hearts, Kilmarnock and Aberdeen will have already visited Ibrox by the time the split roles around and with clubs guaranteed two home games it looks like there will be a third trip to Ibrox for two of these teams if they all make the top six.

There’s no way a game at Celtic Park will be moved to Ibrox to make a Celtic game the third visit and Aberdeen are likely to put up strong opposition to any notion they have to go to Ibrox again this term.

This no doubt leaves Kilmarnock in the firing line with Hibs and Hearts set take the other game. Perhaps Hibs won’t mind it seeing as they’ve won in their last two visits.

The SPFL statement at the start of the season addressed the split –

“The most important thing is to try to ensure clubs finish the season having played 19 games at home and 19 away. Unfortunately, to facilitate this some clubs will need to gain one home game and some will need to lose one to ensure balance.”


  1. Now why are we so surprised that sevco will get the best deal out of the split!? It always will be as the SFA are bent, and are all in the same club as sevco. But fear not Celtic will win the title, and by at least 12 points, and after tomorrow, still be in Europe, making more money for the rest of the leaches in the Premier League! Oh how desperate they all are for us to be beaten, but will the y hand the money we earn for them back too us??? No chance. Tho faced so and so’s!!!!

  2. This has come about because the spfl gave rangers four home fixtures against Aberdeen, Celtic, Hibs and Hearts in the first quarter of the season to help the ibrox club with their cash flow problems ,digraceful

  3. Some of the sub headlines on Celtic news now are suggesting sevco and Aberdeen are closing the gap on Celtic. I would suggest it’s Celtic who are closing the gap due to our insipid performances this season, no way are we as good as we were last season regardless of what Brendon says.

  4. I will thank you now Jimmy, as yours is an intelligent and logical idea.
    Only an idiot comes up with a system which means you have to be unfair to ensure so-called fairness and which also sees teams playing each other until they are sick of the sight of each other.

  5. I’m in the minority. I like the split. I do think it needs to be even games though.
    I liked the 6/8 split with two games against each side.

  6. Each team that makes the top six,or the bottom six,must have played the other five teams in their respective half of the split three times already this season,so To be 100% fair,for instance,if Hearts have visited Aberdeen two times out of their three meetings so far this season then the final top six meeting should be at Tynecastle.
    All other teams split games should follow suit,is that too simple a format to follow or am i missing something?


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