Łukasz Załuska was back in training yesterday after a cowardly weekend attack by fellow professionals at the weekend.

The player was out with his wife at popular Glasgow hotspot Ashton Lane when the attack occurred. Łukasz was left unconscious after the attack and police are now investigating the cowardly assault.

After such a serious incident it took us by surprise this morning when we seen a certain red top trivialise the events with quotes such as ” The Goal Keeker”, “Peek a bruise” and “Battle of Bashed-In Lane” while showing a picture of the player training with a black eye.

This from the same paper who treated Jim Murphy being struck with an egg as a serious incident.

Social media was not amused by the papers light hearted take on this serious assault –

@RosskoC wrote – “Making light of the fact someone was assaulted on a night out with their wife. No wonder no one is reading it anymore”

@ThisbhoyHugo replied to the papers twitter feed by writing – “Maybe he would be more shocked at your joke headlines. Seriously assaulted & you ridicule it. Your paper is a joke

Clyde 1 SSB Gerry McCulloch host also commented on the headlines @GerryMcCulloch1“Interesting comparison between the Record & Sun regarding Zaluska. Sun goes serious Record appears to trivialise”

Hopefully the police are taking this more seriously than they are.