CELTIC were beaten at Ibrox for the second time this season with a pitiful performance from the bhoys on the day.

The Ibrox club wanted it more and they got an early goal they never looked back from.

For Celtic, they have to lick their wounds and get ready for the Scottish Cup Final in two weeks but today confirmed this squad needs surgery.

Peter Lawwell and the Celtic board can be left in no doubt about what’s required this summer. The team is stale and needs a new direction. This isn’t a symptom of Neil Lennon being the manager because this squad have struggled for large parts of the season. We’ve been missing our spark and everything is laboured.

You could probably pick out just a handful of games which were entertaining to watch this season when it comes to the champions.

It’s a bizarre thing to talk about a team who is on the cusp of their third treble – let’s not be in denial here, we need to invest in the summer or we could lose our grip on ten in a row. But is our major shareholder who will handpick the next Celtic manager watching?


  1. It’s a business. We don’t matter as long as enough money rolls in.
    The cheap option will be chosen even though it is obvious that a quality manager is needed who will attract quality players. These players don’t have to be way overpriced, but the money must be spent on a quality manager to attract quality experienced players as well as quality developing players.

    It would be good to remember that it takes more effort to build something than it does to destroy something. It is also quicker to destroy something than to build it. The lessons in life are out there, one just has to pay attention.

  2. Desmond and Lawwell will be pariahs to the Celtic fans if their lack of ambition in failing to appoint a quality manager costs us ten-in-a-row, right now NINE is in jeopardy unless this happens.

  3. Put the money down and let it be known who the next manager is,lets put down £25 or 30 million that will keep us on top for the next 3 or 4 years with £2 or 3 million each winter window for a new face.
    But hey lets get the new show on the road as fast as we can get the dead wood moved out and the new faces moved in do it celtic do it now

    • We hope and pray that the biscuit tin ain’t back at Celtic.this is the wake up call we need to spend that money we have in the bank.f**k the hotel and museum the rebuilding starts now LETS PUT SERVCO TO BED FOR YEARS

  4. Not just large parts of this season, about half of last season as well has been under whelming. To be honest out performances since losing the invincible run have been pretty poor. Have we won 4 games in a row since then? Lennon is not the man for the job. He has had his day. Serious investment needed, about 5 or 6 first teamers and a couple of squad additions. As well as a quality manager. The board have to bite the bullett and invest properly for the first time in years. Never good to get beat by them but this is a meaningless game to everyone but them. I remember thumping them 3-0 at Hampden afterbthey had won 7 in a row. Good day out but nothing really. It is a different ball game if it matters. There are meaningless games and this is one of them. It counts for nothing but should act as a warning to our Tories on the board.

    • the rat won 9 in a row between new year and him sneaking out the door. Lennon was the next two before the shambolic draw at home to Aberdeen.

  5. Today was a symptom of Lennon being manager. The first half of the season was poor, but after the winter break, the rat had them playing well, and winning comfortably.
    We’ve struggled in almost every game since lennon came in.
    Burke looked a player whilst the rat was here, but has been a total diddy since lennon came in.
    You can see something is wrong in the dressing room now. If lennon has already been given the job, then 9 is gone. We won’t win the league next year under him. And if he is in charge, it shows biscuit tin mentality is back in the board room, and we can expect cheap players to come in the summer….if they even sign anyone.
    As for the players, Bain should have saved both goals. Today showed we need a better keeper. He’s fairly reliable, but not going to make the miraculous saves Forster and Gordon did.

  6. Team is stale, needs major surgery and a manager who can change things. Too many average players not doing it, Rogic needs a kick in the heehaws, has stole his wages this year.

  7. Our team of six at the back, have developed into all Neil Lennon, type of player and brown is a duplicate of him, shows nothing going forward but the back passing kills 60 minute’s of any game. Of the front 4 front players 2 of them hide at any one time in attack, we try wing back play, yet we get nothing from it just like as with corners so to me we have no system at all and would bore the fucking arose out of the support


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