Before I get into this story, I would like to point out I have purposely chosen my headline to highlight how I can get such a contrasting headline from the ones seen in the Scottish MSM this morning from EXACTLY the same quotes.

Peter Lawwell was asked the question if he could hold on to his manager after being such a success since taking over at Parkhead.

He gave an open and honest answer. Pointing out it would be naive to think that Neil Lennon will be here for the duration of his career because football is such a funny old game and circumstances can change so quickly. However he was quick to say that he hoped Lennon would be here for the duration and continue to help Celtic prosper.

Here are some quotes from the Celtic Chief Executive:

“Your people are courted and the most high-profile guy – the most prominent guy in that success – has been Neil. He’s done a fantastic job and if he continues to progress – he’s still a young manager – I’m sure he will be courted at some point.

“We’re not looking for a manager. We’re hoping that Neil will be here for years and years and years but it’s just in a general sense you have to think about it. You can’t bury your head in the sand. Hopefully he’s here for the rest of his career.”

So if I’m not a Scottish Journo trying to sell papers this morning with the headline “Lawwell Resigned to Losing Lennon”, I take the quotes at face value and see the Chief Executive is more than happy with our current manager and hopes he and Lenny can continue to make strides together but acknowledging the fact that nothing lasts forever on ‘Plane Fitbaw’.

The need to highlight the negative even with such little substance is very telling.

Hopefully I’ve saved at least one person from picking up a newspaper this morning and reading another sensationalised headline.




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