Brother Pedro is feeling the heat already – the temperature in Glasgow’s fish bowl has already detached the Portuguese manager from the reality where which he once lived.

As he assembles the Mexican/Portuguese version of the avengers in a bid to claw back the 39 point deficit he’s managed to tackle the most important issue of the day – The colour of his player’s boots.

If you’re going to overturn such a massive gap and be competitive then you mustn’t wear green boots. Why you ask? Well, green is the colour of ra Sellick don’t you know.

As tinpot moves go, this is the tinniest, pottiest thing you could possibly implement in your quest for second place.

I suppose this new rule will resonate with the Ibrox fans who looked on horrified last season as some of their underachievers wore green coloured footwear onto the pitch.

One particular fellow from the MENSA chapter of their support proclaimed the outrage wasn’t because they were Celtic colours but instead made the very valid point the players couldn’t see their feet because they blended in with the grass.

I, wholeheartedly agree with Pedro of course. I mean, if I seen a Celtic player wearing red boots (the colour of Aberdeen) I’d be incandescent with rage and question my very existence, and if I seen a player with BLUE on their feet well I’d erm..I’d erm..jump about daft because he’d just won us the treble….

Keep up the good work Pedro!


Header image by: @kartujakds


  1. The comedy club just keeps making me laugh. Roll on tomorrow night and I’ll be laughing at them again. A poor excuse for a football team even though they are only young and trying to find there feet, European football is a little ambitious for the new starts but if they are still about in a few years time maybe just maybe they might have a chance of getting to the second round. Green boots stop it now pedro your killing me lol Hail Hail

  2. To think I was jumping all over the place, going bananas when big Tom hit the winner. If only I had noticed those blue boots! Oh, the shame, the indignity! HH


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