NEW Celtic midfielder Lewis Morgan who was on the books at Ibrox as a youngster admitted the Govan side set him back a couple of years because they couldn’t see his potential.

Lewis has come from nowhere to be one of the hottest prospects in Scottish Football and confirmed his name on the big stage by signing for the champions on Friday.

Speaking honestly about his development as a youth player the new Celtic man spoke about his horrible time as an Ibrox trainee.

“It was probably more of a relief when I left there, to be honest, It was a weight off my shoulders because the last two years there were pretty much pointless me being there.

“The head of youth at the time put me back a year so I was playing with the younger age groups. Even at that, I was probably only playing 10 minutes here or there.

“He didn’t take a fancy to me at all. Going to a club like St Mirren was great for me. It gave me that chance to kick on again.

Lewis cannot wait to pull on the Hoops in the summer at the ‘biggest club’ and make up for lost time.

“I probably lost a couple of years at that club so I can’t wait to get start at this one, the biggest club.

Lewis has been loaned back out to St Mirren and will join up with Brendan Rodgers side at the end of June.


  1. Over on CelticQuickNews there’s a good and thoughtful article on why Lewis Morgan was signed now and loaned back to St Mirren, instead of merely signing a pre-contract agreement. It is worth a read. The main points are as follows: “Celtic are paying St Mirren for the privilege of telling them how Lewis should train, what dietary rules he should follow and what developmental objectives to prioritise. He will train, rest, eat and sleep according to guidelines Celtic set out.”

    This demonstrates the absolute professionalism of Celtic FC and their care and attention to their players. It further encapsulates why I am proud to be a Celtic supporter.

    However, I would go one stage further and postulate that Celtic are also being very fair to St Mirren here, allowing them to be suitably rewarded with the properly arranged fee. All in all, it is beneficial for St Mirren, Celtic and young Lewis himself.

    • Frank your comment regarding the handling of young Morgan’s signing by Celtic is spot on mate,it is
      just as thoughtful as the C.Q.N article it’s self and is as well put forward a comment on the deal between Celtic and St.Mirren as any iv’e read.


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