It might just be the story of Leigh Griffiths’ professional career at the moment but Moussa Dembele speculation has meant that nobody in the media has really spoken about any clubs that may be after him.

As it turns out, Leigh has had more suitors this transfer window that Moussa Dembele!

The Scottish striker who is never far away from his next goal has had to play second fiddle to Moussa Dembele since the Frenchman came in, however, anytime he is called upon to get the goals more often than not, he delivers. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by a plethora of sides desperate for a goal-scoring talent.

Reports suggest more than three English Championship sides, a Premier League outfit and a couple of teams from abroad, including the US have been very keen to find out how much Celtic really want to keep Leigh.

Luckily, Celtic are in no mood to lose Leigh this month or anytime soon. While the distraction of Dembele speculation goes on, Celtic are holding firm on both their strikers.

They have no reason to sell and Leigh is very happy at the club as he reiterates on a semi-regular basis.

While there’s not much chance leigh would leave Celtic it is worth noting that he is not the only striker in demand in these parts. When you score goals at Celtic, it does count for something.




  1. FFS So much for Celtic playing in a Mickey Mouse league,Yet these Ignoramuses Want Our Players.Van Dijk Wanyama Ki,We dont have to punt our better players.We have a great pool of players but therevis always room for improvement….HH GGAW

  2. No chance was the first thing I said when I saw this headline, then I said that will be right after I saw the price (joke) he may not be the tallest striker but if he wanted to go which I doubt, I would be starting at at least 10 million.

  3. John his laces for his boots must be about 15 Million,Then his legs Then his feet,Especially that left peg Alone must be worth Atleast 20 Million.HH…The Media are an Absolute Joke.But then we are dealing with Delusional.

  4. The usual crap. Their beloved corrupt club Is in tatters so the MSM now move back to inventing stories on the selling of our players.

  5. Why are these scribe’s always trying to sell our players? I know sevco players are inferior to our bhoys, but when a decent sevco player appears(do not blink) like thier centre back he is going to be a great player for them for years, and also Scotland, but we get Korean decent players and the knuckle crackers of the press want rid of them !!! .I wonder why?????? And as for Jamie Murphy, going to ibrokes, money up front, golly gosh I wonder why!?? Hahahahahaha!


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