It appears a Celtic fan managed to find himself on the Ibrox pitch on Monday evening hours after the bhoys had been crowned champions.

The footage going around social media of someone walking along the Ibrox trackside with champions flag then walking onto the pitch to the far side of the ground.

 A Celtic fan sneaked into Ibrox with a Nine in a Row flag

Security must have been very suspicious, considering the person inside the stadium was carrying a champions flag.

SunSport has confirmed the Glasgow club have phoned the police over the incident on Monday evening.

In the final seconds of the video, the intruder was trying to find the best way out when he spots a chair, saying out loud “God left me a chair.”

It’s bizarre to think what looks to be an inebriated member of the public has been able to access the stadium with ease and not be apprehended. A serious lapse in security on their part.


  1. Breaking in looks easy, it’s breaking out that’s the issue. Some players go there and are never seen again. Most of them are on loan anyway. Their nickname in England is “The Strangers”, none of the players actually know each other. One player thought Defoe, meant he was in the team.
    Anyway, you got your payment for shutting the feck up about the SPFL and the SFA, with the decision to drop Resolution 12. You can’t make it up, more fiddling the books to avoid the honest truth, that you’re a bunch of effin cheats. The only way into Europe for The Strangers is via the back door. Lower than a snakes belly the lot of them.


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