A FOOTBALL FAN in Glasgow has been Arrested after he illegally streamed SPFL football matches. [Glasgow Live]

While it is illegal to do so, it’s understandable why football fans are resulting in purchasing illegal streaming services.

To watch Celtic – fans require a Season Ticket (Adults starting from £542) and a subscription to Sky Sports (£25 p/m), BT Sports (£25 p/m) and Premier Sports (£10.75 p/m). And while some matches are snubbed from TV, fans have to fork out extra money for a PPV service (Normally £12.99 p/m).

Over a year, this will cost the average fan £1,253; this excludes any PPV, matchday purchases, tickets for Europen and Cup games, and travel to and from the ground. Let’s not forget that some people may be paying for multiple season tickets, which could cost over £1,500. The streaming services cost £60.75 a month and £729 a year.

At a time when the cost of living is rapidly rising, some football supporters can’t afford to fork out these expenses. It’s much easier and much cheaper to fork out £50/60 a year to get an IPTV streaming service.

The male, arrested for illegally streaming football matches, has been charged with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

It’s clear that Police Scotland is cracking down on the illegal streaming services, and there will likely be many more raids to follow.

But the entirety of the blame shouldn’t lie in the hands of the football fans. The broadcasters are outpricing fans who just want to watch their team play. There has to be a better way than the current setup to showcase Scottish football.


  1. Like to see if they (any cun7 complaining about illegal streemin of their link) and their legal eagles day at court.

    It’s not illegal to streem (nor receive) a link they sell or give to foreign broadcasters. Only the streems they broadcast for live consumption in the UK.

    Before, the streemers could easily defeat this by running their live streem 1 or 2 minutes late (so not technically live) any streem now any less than five minutes gets shut down (unless your the streem’ee)

    See how it goes. But not turning blue holding my breath.

    And like usual, have to upgrade my Av – live providers via a VPN.


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