With the rising fears of the new Covid-19 Omicron variant, many football fans have been left anxious about what could be next for them when it comes to going to watch the football.

Of course, health should be at the top of the priority list when it comes to this, as everyone will know with the past two years we have faced due to this virus.

Speaking in his press conference ahead of this weekends game ahead of the Premier Sports cup final, Ange Postecoglou was quick to state that point.

However, he also hit the nail on the head with his comments surrounding football fans and the difficulties they could face by not being able to attend football if restrictions were to be put in place once again.

Listening to what Ange, as he has done many a time this season, the 56-year old continues to be spot on in what he has to say with regards to the current situation.

For a lot of football fans, the sport isn’t just for entertainment; it is a way of living. Supporting Celtic Football Club is special, and supporters revolve weeks and months of their lives around the team they love to support.

At this moment in time, restrictions feel as though they are looming upon us, and that is far from a nice feeling. Especially after all that, we have had to face in recent times in the way of restrictions.

But, we sincerely hope that football can be largely unaffected or at the very least for a short space of time because I am sure most will agree. We would rather be seeing supporters in grounds than be stuck watching a game from the house with no fans visible in Parkhead.


  1. Our Board would be quite happy if there was another lockdown.
    They could then go about behaving just as they like with none of those pesky “customers” complaining.


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