I’m still scratching my head with the amount of attention Scott Brown is getting for outsmarting three adults who couldn’t keep their emotions in check during and after a game of football.

Morelos is an idiot, picking up his fifth red card of the season he is easy meat for any player to get inside his peanut head and juggle with the few brain cells he has rattling around his nugget. But nobody is talking about the Buffalo this morning. There have been comments from every corner this morning all directed in the Celtic captain’s direction.

Enter pretend hardman, Vinnie Jones. Talksport thought it would be a good idea to ask the opinion of a now nobody actor with a football career that is embarrassing when held up beside Brown’s record-breaking achievements.

Three Ibrox players tried to smash Scott Brown using elbows and fists but he just got back up and laughed in their faces. Just like the time at Pittodrie when 3 Aberdeen players attacked the Celtic captain at once and he got up and laughed at them.


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