MICHEAL STEWART was full of praise for Ange Postecoglou after shaking the referee’s hand after The Rangers defeated his side.

Bobby Madden was terrible throughout the match. His decisions were laughable. It’s one of the worst refereeing performances I’ve seen, and I’ve said that a few times this season.

After the match, Postecoglou could have ignored Madden. After all, his horrific decision making did influence the game. Instead, Ange showed his class again and shook hands with the official. Micheal Stewart admired the Celtic manager live on air, saying; [Premier Sports]

“He could’ve easily turned around and said as a Celtic minded person ‘Bobby Madden’s got a lot of bad decisions today’. I thought it was a very good point to go over and shake the referee’s hand. It matters a lot because on the balance of play, Rangers were the better side.

“The referee didn’t have a great game, but it showed a lot of class from the Celtic manager that.”

For the Edinburgh Derby semi-final, John Beatton was the major talking point after the game. Now, for the Glasgow Derby, Bobby Madden is the name coming out of everyone’s lips. Refereeing standards in Scotland are getting worse, and VAR isn’t the quick fix that some people think it is.

The SFA and SPFL need to look at other ways of improving the standard of officiating in Scotland. Making refereeing a full-time job would be a start.



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