SCOTT SINCLAIR revealed that referee John Beaton praised him for not going down in the box even though he was being fouled.

The Englishman who has come in for some harsh criticism for going down too easy, stayed on his feet to try and get a shot away yesterday at Easter Road.

Speaking about the incident after the game Scotty never thought about going down.

“Yes. The ref actually said to me, ‘well done for staying on your feet’. If I can get a shot off, I’ll always stay on my feet. That’s how it went.

“I wasn’t thinking about it. I forget all about the last few games and was just concentrating on today. I managed to get my shot off, and that was that.”

It begs the question though, if the referee is complimenting Sinclair for staying on his feet then surely the referee knows he was being fouled. Some players find that they have to go to ground in order to warrant a penalty even though an infringement in the box is already taking place.

Sinclair scored Celtic’s two goals yesterday and could have had the winner if he composed himself with the last kick of the ball.



  1. What about the stonewall penalty on McGregor ?
    Was Scott’s 3rd goal offside?Was Rogic’s goal offside?
    What about the 2 sevco players offside for their 2nd goal v Aberdeen?
    Ross County should have had a stonewall penalty v sevco in the last few minutes.
    Makes me sick when they talk about honesty.

  2. the refereeing is a joke, the fact they flagged for offside when Odsonne was in his own half says it all, too many inconsistencies and it’s about time video replays were introduced to cut all the mistakes out. And as for the referee complimenting Sinclair for not going down, how do you know it wasn’t sarcasm and he was maybe accusing Sinclair of being a diver in an indirect way.


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