This has to be the strangest transfer link this season but according to reports, Arsenal are looking at Ryan Christie!

Ryan is a top player, he has created and scored a lot of goals for Celtic since making the breakthrough. However, is he an all round player?

His set pieces are very poor and the number of times he shoots from distance during a game can be infuriating. Yes, he scores the odd spectacular goal but for every Hampden Cup final goal, there’s about 20 that hit row ZZ. claim the player is on the Gunners radar to sort their attacking midfield issue and the Gunners know Celtic can produce top players, Kieran Tierney being the obvious of of that.

Ryan has a desire to play down south; he and his dad Charlie have always maintained that feeling.

Could Arsenal be a surprise destination in the summer? Possibly. I’m dating myself by considering Arsenal a top, top club. I remember the Arsenal of the early 00s, right now, they are in a down period and not considered a massive threat in the EPL.

Some Arsenal fans have been positive about the rumour.


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