BRENDAN RODGERS has weighed into Tynecastlegate where Neil Lennon was hit by a coin and the Hearts goalkeeper was punched in a sorry night for Scottish football.

Asked if he’s seen what went on during the Edinburgh Derby and what he thought of what went on, the Celtic manager believes safety is paramount.

“I have seen some of the images on it, it’s not nice whenever you see a fellow manager hit with a coin.

“It’s an environment where you want passion, and none more so than up here. I think the passion for football up here is fantastic.

“There’s a real intense atmosphere around grounds up here, but it can never spill over.

“To see that was disappointing, the actions of both supporters.

“I think it’s an environment where no matter what’s going on and no matter how intense it is, it has to be a safe environment for you to work in.

“The respective clubs in fairness have come out and done their statement on it, which is a great sign of their togetherness and hopefully it won’t happen again.”

The Celtic manager was also quizzed on what he thought of Neil Lennon interacting with the fans. The Irishman was very measured and admitted while it wasn’t his style, he had no qualms about a manager expressing himself on the touchline if that’s in their nature.

Rodgers also commented on what Neil and his agent have been talking about over the past 48 hours with regards to why Neil Lennon is continually targeted.

“It’s not something I want to go into, I’m here as the manager of Celtic.

“I think Martin (Neil’s agent) I can understand what he’s saying and what he’s looking at from his perspective.

“Whatever your religion is, wherever you’re from and whatever your personality is as a manager, it doesn’t matter you shouldn’t be subject to that.

“I’ve been up here for two and a half years and it’s been a brilliant place to work and live.

“There are really authentic people here. I love my life up here but of course, it can’t overstep the mark.

“You want the intensity, you want the passion but you have to be protected as a player and a manager.

On managers giving opposing fans something back from time to time, Rodgers was diplomatic.

“It just depends on what type of person and manager you are. You have incidents where you have supporters make comments to managers – I tend to not bother, I get quite a bit of abuse as well.

“I just get on with it and focus on the game, that’s my choice, it’s not right or wrong it’s just my way and other managers are different.”


  1. The media shouldn’t be bringing Brendan into this controversy trying to draw out headline comments. At least he knows how to behave himself.

  2. Absolutely right frank as the media have a big part to play in the abuse that managers and players get in this country as they can hype it up and get fans riled especially the old firm games ?? BEFORE AND AFTER with there gutter press . JUST TO SELL A NEWSPAPER

  3. The media know about the bigitory as quite a few of them are party to it they are the ones who normally look for the soup takers to disagree with the people who are a being abused .
    The polititians in the majority are also party to it as you can see with their silence police scotland are also party to it as was clearly scene at murryfield last week when there were no signs telling celtic supporter wich area they should park as we parked at georgie Rd area we were met by the usual retric about being taig bastards go home rats etc and then the violance started as the hearts supporter were waiting for the celtic stragglers quit a few like myself with children with them the police arrived quite quick but the damage was done as there should have been police in these areas in the first place.
    We need more neil lennon who are brave enough to stand up to these people and then maybe the laws will be applied as it is fact that 60% of hate crimes that catholics are on the end of them but the figures are a lot higher because people like myself know it is a waste of time reporting it to the police as they employ a some of the biggest bigots you could meet .


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