BRENDAN RODGERS has hit back at suggestions the players and the club are split which is contributing to their poor start to the season.

Sky Sports pair Kris Commons and Kris Boyd were all too happy to pedal that narrative after watching Celtic lose at the weekend.

With success comes the need by others to bring you down a peg or two and that’s what we are seeing at the minute.

Celtic have been untouchable so long, they are now feeling the wrath of the people who for their own reasons, feel like they want to have a dig.

We are in a position today where a professional footballer is writing columns in the press about another club in his league and trying his best to create disharmony where possible.

Kris Boyd’s wishful thinking will not let Brendan Rodgers be distracted as he looks to get his side back on track.

On the potential of a rift in the squad, Rodgers was clear.

“We are very unified as a club. We have set high standards but we are very much together.”

“We’re not happy losing games but we’ll get back again, working hard.”

The Celtic gaffer then followed it up with a cheeky dig.

“He [Boyd] would be better suited trying to get back in the Kilmarnock team’’

Celtic are looking to defend their League Cup trophy as they come up against St Johnstone on Wednesday night. They will have to put in a good performance against a resolute St Johnstone side if they are to get anything out the match.


  1. Who the feck cares what these tv pundits think,what really annoys me is the ex Celtic players ,who sell them selves because of who they work for, thought they would at least stand up and be counted, they were paid and treated well by club and supporters,stick your comments where the sun don’t shine,!!!!!!,now is the time to show these git’s what we are really made of, to be honest I was not really caring about tomorrow,but now, come on bhoys, let’s put this crap to rest ,hh

  2. Boyd’s real problem is Steve Clarke knows a player when he sees one….and Boyd isn’t! Waste of space in a football strip and pathetically laughable as a so called pundit. Pretends to be “in the know”, as much as he pretends to be a player.

  3. Ray… totally agree pal. Just to add, Chris Commons was and still is loved and adored by the fans, he knows the club better than any commentator or TV pundit who has never played for Celtic. He should be saying the opposite to these other so called pundits and say “yeah, Celtic are going through a blip at the moment, but that is a drop in the ocean as they will bounce right back” End of. HH

  4. Hear Hear,Ray,for a long time we have had Nicholas,Walker,Burley only too willing chip in and put any negative slant on anything Celtic.They were heroes to the Celtic support in their day,but they can get tae **** now,they are only too willing to peddle the smsm’s negative propoaganda push to sabotage 10 in a row.Saddest of all is big Suttons gradual move to the darkside with his BT sport and his Daily Ranger comments.The Celtic support,and i mean the REAL Celtic supporters,are not deaf and blind,we can see the team is not firing on all cylinders at the minute,but this is when they need supporting,not when we are rolling over the rest of Scottish football and winning treble. I fully expect,no i know for sure the fans who turn up at St Johnstone tomorrow night will give the team fantastic backing and then some on Saturday at home to Aberdeen. HAIL HAIL and to the smsm i say “WE SHALL NOT,WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED,WE SHALL NOT,WE SHALL BE MOVED” and “BRENDAN RODGER’S HERE FOR TEN IN A ROW,TEN IN A ROW”
    now step aside and dry your eyes on your fathers sashes G.I.R.F.U.Y

  5. True colours shining through! His allegiances were never in any doubt but this clown should be pursued for bringing the game into disrepute. If he’s still a registered player for Kilmarnock then how can he operate as a pundit?

    His regular pro Ibrox propaganda outbursts Makes you wonder if there is/was any truth in the story that he was on the Ibrox payroll while playing for Kilmarnock.

    Understand the view that he should be ignored but he’s part of a wider network of moles planted throughout the Scottish game either as managers, players and/or pundits. Some of these may have benefitted from EBT’s and should be barred from active participation in the game.
    Brendan and the team need to wake up and smell the coffee rather than continue to sleepwalk while being attacked from all sides.
    Hail Hail

  6. I agree with all about everybody putting the boot in so early 6 in 30 something to go why don’t we not bother turning up to play and just give the dark side the league, everyone is singing all things nice about them look at the table we are 1 point behind the dirty Dozen not 10,20,30 who by the way had their worse start in 29 years only last week and did we read all the crap that we are getting the answer is NO we the Celtic fans can see what is happening the field but Mr Rodger’s and staff will sort this out and us having our blip just now and not later into the season may be a good thing as we get better new players in Jan 19 in which we must and will get peter Lewell has only said lastweek this will happen so us Tim’s will be watching when the wheels fall of the pram for the dirty dozen what headlines will appear for them so keep the faith bhoys and watch us go oh other footballers should keep their mouths shut if you don’t know anything for sure say nothing at all .And for ex Celtic players let’s see some pride for the supporters who held you all in high regard don’t knock the club or the support and only write or speak the truth because your not in the dressing room you and don’t always know what’s happening hail hail good luck for tonight


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