When asked about the crunching tackle on Patrick Roberts right at the start of last Sunday’s Glasgow derby the Irishman did not mince his words.

Many commented at the time and after the game that the players lunge should have seen him watch the rest of the game from the stands, instead he was only given a yellow for his efforts. If you look at the challenge again, it gets worse every time you see it.

Do you agree with the Celtic manager?


  1. Loaded questions, just like any mischief making journalist, don’t ask stupid questions like this , we all know it was a shocking challenge, but don’t ask the manager to make a comment, it’s not so worth it

  2. Halliday was only following his fellow hun, Kenny Miller who had similar attempt on Stewart Armstrong in previous game.
    Should have been 2 red cards

  3. Shocking challenge ! Guide dogs all over he world were barking at that one. Only thing was the ref hadn’t brought his to the game.

  4. According to BFDJ on Radio snide,Halliday mis-timed the tackle,the tackle was wild but the telling thing was the smirk on his ugly mug proved to me it was intentional


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