BRENDAN RODGERS hit the nail on the head this afternoon when asked about former Celtic player Craig Bellamy’s comments on the state of Scottish football.

We reported yesterday that Craig was very disparaging of the game and said that Brendan Rodgers will struggle for a top team move back to the EPL regardless of what he does at Celtic.

Rodgers seemed unfazed by the criticism and put it in simple terms for the Welshman.

“I’m not here to work on my next move, I’m here for Celtic, not overly bothered what it does for my CV” said the Celtic gaffer.

The Celtic manager regularly diffuses these defamatory questions with common sense and articulates his points so well the media find it very difficult to find fault.

He’s here for Celtic like he’s said a million times before.


  1. BR true to his word bellend sorry Bellamy full off it looking for a job .ido remember him coming to Celtic as nobody was interested in him we gave him a life line then moved on and he was still crap silly Welshman .

  2. Welsh trumpet talks out a hole in his arss no English or Welsh clowns are bigger than celtic we are massive and they all fucking no it what top teams play in Wales apart from taff shagers hail hail


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