BRENDAN RODGERS has warned the Celtic fans not to get carried away with talk of further stages of the Europa League.

The Celtic manager admits to reading reports and hearing a lot of talk about the final with people hoping this side could potentially go on a run similar to the 2003 Uefa Cup side.

Rodgers is aware of the chatter and wants to make sure fans stay grounded and manage expectations because Celtic are in a different place from where they were back then.

Football has moved on and financially, Celtic cannot live with some of the Europa Leauge sides admitted Rodgers.

When the manager mentioned the famous Seville run he did point out that Celtic were in the habit of plucking players from the higher end of the Premier League and financially they competed a little bit more.

“I see lots of stories and reports about us getting to the final. That’s a long way away.” Rodgers told Celtic TV.

“You only have to look at the teams and the calibre of club and financial resources in this competition.

“However, it’s the group stage and we have earned the right to be there.

“Now we have to fight to show we can come out of the group stage. Arsenal, AC Milan, Chelsea and Sevilla are also in the group stage and eight top teams will drop down from the Champions League.”


  1. No danger as a fan am I getting excited for hoops in europa league for one they aren’t strong enough all over park certainly not in striking department they need a creative players also a playmaker and need an out and out striker cos edouarrd won’t ever be this player he not worth 9 million he only worth about a million he a poor poor average striker Rodgers sort it oot

  2. Michael. you are one of these. supporters. who loves to. Criticise all things Celtic to say Eddie is only worth a million is insulting he will come good once he gets a new striker up with him wee griff is not it Dembele was the man to partner Eddie but messed it up keep the faith

    • Frank as u know fine well Celtic won’t spend money fae dembele sale also I’m being generous about Eddie Frenchman he only scored 11 goals c’mon he no hartson etc that’s the kind of striker we need I was at old firm game he was pish in that tae as for Forrest he keeps ball too long end product poor tae another mcgeady not good enough sorry

  3. Hey Joe I don’t need no reality check either hoops r 5 points behind hearts probably be shit against rosenborg and killie Sunday tae we couldnae beat them the last time I’m just so disheartened by cellic this year.

  4. Fact is we are shite right now .the window is closed .we never bought anyone to shore up the back . ,same auld story .we dont like spendin big money . Anyway as long as we win thw leauge and skelp the huns every time we play them al be happy .coz we wont be gone much further in europe .FACT …HH

    • Ha ha exactly sean it makes me sick to think Celts have raked in profits of 101 million and they cannae even spend 4 or 5 million on players it will come back to bite them in ass pal French Eddie needs to start stepping up to plate more tae


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