BRENDAN RODGERS has given Celtic fans slight cause for concern even though the Celtic manager has all but ruled out surgery at this point for the defender’s ongoing issue.

Kieran has been out since December, and even though Rodgers has told fans on a few occasions he sees the player making a comeback shortly, we are still no closer to a definitive answer.

There is a real trial and error approach by the coaching staff as they try to remedy Kieran’s problem. The team are treating the injury and then letting him loose to see how his body reacts to the treatment.

It’s clear they’re not exactly sure what’s for the best when it comes to getting the defender back as quick as possible.

Speaking about the injury to the Evening Times, Rodgers backed up that theory with his comments: “I’m told the earliest he will be back in training will be the start of February,”

“He’s seeing the medical team and they are assessing him. He’s doing work in the gym but he’s not out running as of yet.

“It’s [surgery] not something that’s been mentioned. There’s periods of work and periods of rest and scans to see the reaction. It’s in his pubic area. The medical guys are saying it will just take time.”

Best case scenario, the player comes back to full training at the start of February which means getting Kieran up to speed for the Valencia games could prove difficult.



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