Irish Blogger Phil Mac Giolla Bhain has published his blog today with some interesting news regarding a potential Dominic McKay replacement.

The Blog has thrown a new name of Philip Browne into the mix for the CEO job at Celtic. Having just announced his retirement at the IRFU earlier this month, the friend of Dermot Desmond could be a new face at Parkhead. Philip Brown was the CEO at the IRFU for 23 years and has the experience Celtic may desire.

Another fresh face to Celtic could be the golfer Paul McGinley, having a background in business the golfer could sit on the Celtic board.

Should this rumour be accurate, this will take fans by surprise. It looked set that Nicholson would remain in the CEO position after his previous role at the club was fulfilled by someone already employed by Celtic. It will also see a fresh face added to the board who has the potential to bring new ideas to the club in the future.


  1. Did MacGiolla Bháin mention his relations from Achill Island who singled handedly fought the British Army to a standstill using nothing but oars, horseshoes, turf spades, rosary beads, herring bones and butter churns?

    Guy is an idiot, who still living in the glory of putting into print what someone else was actually telling him in 2012.

    That’s not journalism, that’s stenography, a word he himself likes to use about people who do exactly what he does.

    It would be funny if he wasn’t such a sad individual, who believes 100% of his own hype.


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