RYAN CHRISTIE has put the argument across that he and Tom Rogic could play in the same starting XI after doing it briefly last season.

The Australian has had a nightmare with injuries the past 12 months but he and Ryan did start some games together last term.

With the player being out at the start of the season, Neil Lennon moved Ryan to Tom’s usual spot in behind the strikers and the Scottish midfielder did very well.

Many fans and pundits believe it’s either Tom or Ryan in the starting XI but Christie insists it can be both!

“When I broke into the side last season, a lot of the time it was me and Tom playing together. We were both in there, which I loved.” he told CelticTV.

“There’s no reason why it has to be just one of us in the side. We can both play at the same time. That would be happy days for me.”

Both Celtic players are outstanding on their day and their link-up play could be fantastic at times. Others would have to drop out the team for this to work and we don’t see Neil Lennon trying it against Rennes on Thursday evening. Perhaps in the SPFL we might get to see both men link up.


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