When it comes to dealing with supporters, the lifeblood of the club, Celtic have been even more woeful than they have been on the pitch.

After the Ross County defeat it was a case of same old Celtic.

With the social media team (who I do have sympathy for) having nothing to deliver other than birthday wishes the Twitter has shut down and has not said a peep since Sunday evening.

The last thing the club posted on social media was Neil Lennon’s post-match interview which has amassed over 120k views to this point.

The social media team even had the wherewithal to cut out Neil Lennon smiling at the start of the interview before he discussed a 1-0 defeat and falling 18 points behind in the league.

This season has been an unmitigated disaster and because the club have kept quiet on any plans they may have going forward and the lack of accountability for Neil Lennon, fans are bereft of any sort of hope at the moment.

Neil Lennon continues even though he has presided over one of the biggest capitulation since the club’s history. The club ignore the support and the cycle will continue until the end of the season.



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