CHRIS SUTTON has branded the Ibrox fans who threw glass bottles onto the pitch as ‘absolute scumbags’ after the second half was delayed to clear the pitch of broken glass.

Joe Hart alerted the referee to the missiles being thrown and the glass sitting in the penalty box.

It was as dangerous as it was shocking from some fans in the crowd who are obviously out to cause harm to Celtic players.

It’s not the first time we’ve witnessed stuff like this during a Glasgow Derby. Large batteries and even pitch invasions have gone unpunished by the SFA in years gone by.

Surely something has to be done about this, we can’t have this continuing to happen until a player does get hurt.

Chris Sutton is correct when he brands these people as scumbags.

After around five minutes of delays and a clear inspection of the box, the game proceeded.


  1. The sevcos excuse “we all believe Joe Hart had broken bottles in his shorts, socks and towel”.

    Ha ha yae paupers. Yer gettin fined noo. Sfa hide your indifference ya cun7’s.


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