SHANE DUFFY has broke cover after Celtic failed to live up to any kind of expectations at Celtic Park on a Saturday afternoon.

The Irishman’s Glasgow Derby debut ended in a 2-0 defeat with no shots on target being registered by the home side.

It was one of the most woeful and in effect over performances we’ve ever seen from our team.

There is clearly a lot of hurt among the Celtic support today and Shane isn’t immune to that. The Celtic supporter knows he and his team-mates weren’t good enough. Taking the abuse on the chin, he vowed to come back stronger and help this team move forward.

Celtic now have a very tough run of fixtures where we’ll see what they’re made of.

Only one league game in there between now and the end of the month. Two Europa League ties and a Scottish cup game from last season in the cards.

Celtic must regroup and go again.


  1. It looked like the whole team had Covid. Lacked energy pace and still continuing with sideways football. To be honest it was the same low standard they have had most games. Team have a cheek if they pick up their wages. Might be an idea to donate them to charity because they were not worthy of them

  2. This zombie groundhog result has been coming and our management couldn.t see it coming …our lastc4 games were abysmal performances but we got out of jail only to walk into this sleepwalking zombie rerun of the last time…

  3. Celtic were truly awful. I hate to say it but I hate the sight of Ncham, Taylor, Elyahnoussi. Awful players for us. Also, Gers are awful cheats, with Gerard and the ref all working perfectly. So many fouls by Morelos-what a disgusting person who is obviously encouraged by Gerard. The ref allowed Gers to commit so many fouls, and watch how often they kicked the ball away without punishment! Any bunch of morons can win if they cheat I’d personally rather Lose.

  4. Well big man we can give away 12 points before we kick a ball, no you can not home games need won, we look so slow and we are not fit where are the players we have lean and very fit, we look so weak they all have six packs and are stronger than us look you can play some young lads in a season but keep playing them and you will get found out like we do when we play them..look at our players they all need to get on creatine monohydrate or some thing like to become a top player nowadays that is a must…
    S Brown is a spent force now bit part player this season manager needs to go before it is to late

  5. The manager needs to go he can not beat them we got lucky in cup but we have been second best in the last few games our manager has no tactics to beat them look they want to win we want big wages for beating weaker Scottish teams look if our manager can not beat them then he is sacked…

    Move him out and get a top manager in…


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