Gary Caldwell might not be remembered too fondly as an ex-Celt. That probably has more to do with some of the comments he has made about Celtic since he left. Although, his performances left a lot to be desired at times too.

Scott McDonald, on the other hand, will be remembered with great affection. Even if he did score two late goals against Celtic that cost them a league title. I’m sorry you have to relive them two late goals. “Skippy” has scored goals his whole career.

The Australian who has not been with a club since he left Dundee United in 2018 looked to have swapped the football boots for the microphone. The striker had started to feature on BT Sports as a pundit and was actually enjoyable to listen too. His old team-mate was struggling in management. Partick Thistle and Gary Caldwell were languishing in the bottom of the Scottish Championship Table.

McDonald made his debut only yesterday and popped up with a late goal to give the two ex-Celtic men a much needed 0-2 win. At 35 the forward may still have a lot to offer. He did bag 15 goals in just over 30 games for Dundee United.


  1. Could’ve gone to the Usa, China, Asia, lower divisions in England or back to Oz. But Skippy chose Maryhill to continue his footbaw career. Good for him. Good for the Jags. Good for Gary and co.


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