SKY SPORTS have not covered themselves in glory with Scottish football fans and not for the first time.

With so many fans of the SPFL gutted to see BT Sport bowing out of broadcasting games from the 20/21 season – it seems there are very few crumbs of comfort in the way Sky Sports announced the new five-year deal.

Did they big up the product they have just purchased? Nope.

What they did do, is what they have always done and what they’ll always do. They put Celtic and The Rangers front and centre as they announced the deal with not so much as a thought for any other clubs in the league.

BT had been changing the game and making games outwith Celtic and the Ibrox club mean something and putting on a genuinely better product.

This Glasgow centric approach from the broadcaster does nobody any favours.

If anybody thought it was going to be different the next time around they were quickly shown otherwise.

From what we can see on social media, there’s a large portion of the support ready to walk away from SKY.


  1. They didn’t even put Celtic and sevco forward and front they put a picture of Gerard out front with Rodgers behind him as if that’s the way they see it well I’ve news for sky excuse the pun I won’t be turning on to listen bigots like Kris fat boy Boyd and fools like walker your not wanted in Scotland do fo is all a favour and Brexitmania as soon as possible

  2. hope they hire and team ditch the present sky team.night and day off difference tell it as it is not what they want it to b

  3. noticed steve g out front of double trebble winner Brendan.that says it all
    jim white will be wetting himself intervewing mr g.


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