During Andy Robertson’s interview with Simon Ferry on OpenGoal, the Liverpool star recalled his time with Celtic’s youth system fondly and pinpointed one person in the team who was flying at the time.

Thy young man in question – Islam Feruz.

Many Celtic fans know all about Feruz, the young bhoy who was brought through the system by Celtic with Tommy Burns taking a key interest in his development – Feruz even got to play in Tommy’s tribute match at Celtic Park.

Robertson remembers his time in the Celtic youth setup and what a talent Feruz was.

“He won every game for us really, scoring hat-tricks all the time.”

I think he’s still at Chelsea actually. He’s been down there a long time.

“I remember when he left and obviously Celtic were gutted to lose him but I think he couldn’t quite turn it down.

“It’s maybe not quite worked out the way he wanted it but I’m sure we’ll see him along the way.”

Neil Lennon spoke back in 2011 about the player being badly advised when Chelsea came calling. The young star seemed to develop an attitude and blasted some of the Celtic fans on the way out the door using social media.

His move to Chelsea has proved to be a big bust with the young star not being able to make the breakthrough and making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

He has been loaned out to anyone who will have him, the midfielder even spending some time at Hibs before that all fell apart.

Proof you can have all the talent in the world but if you don’t have a head on your shoulders you won’t succeed.

Andy was hardly a standout in the Celtic youth side but his hard work and application has made him into the player he is today.


  1. Feruz let a lot of people down with his attitude. The way you treat others comes back to haunt you.
    Andy Robertson is worth a hundred of Feruz any day.
    Attitude and a good head are so important.


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