It’s not every day we agree with Sky Sports presenter and Gers fan Jim White but today he gave Arsenal fans a reality check about the Kieran Tierney on two counts.

  • Why would Kieran move to Arsenal, they aren’t even in the Champions League.
  • A club like Napoli would be in a position to outbid them for the player and will likely do so.

This is the verdict from the Scottish presenter as he spoke about the current transfer situation surrounding Celtic’s star player.

The Arsenal fans are up in arms the club aren’t just rolling over and handing them Kieran for a nominal amount by Premier League standards.

Arsenal are having to cut their cloth due to high operating expenses and the lack of Champions League football around the Emirates. The club have not been in a good place for quite some time now and White highlights where the London club are at.

“Napoli are still expected to come in with a stronger bid than Arsenal for Kieran Tierney.” he told Sky Sports News as cited by SunSport.

“It’s far from over there. Why should he move?

“As you rightly said Celtic have got Champions League football, Arsenal don’t.”

Arsenal fans certainly need a dose of reality.

Kieran Tierney is Celtic through and through and nothing is a foregone conclusion when it comes to transfers.


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