STUANCHNESS cannot be measured, you can only see and feel it in its execution and if you got extra league points for being the pettiest, staunchiest and the most ridiculous fans then Celtic would not stand a chance!

As we look ahead to the Glasgow Derby this Sunday, we profile the club/company we’re coming up against and we’ve conceded when it comes to entirely irrelevant matters, our rivals have it in the bag. In essence, we have a set of supporters who make more noise about the colour of their straws than they do about their club going into receivership.

Ladies and gentleman, we give you the banned list!

Things that have been banned at Ibrox by the old club/company/club company/then now and forever/we are the people makes for bizarre reading.

Back in 2005, the club banned ‘Eggs Benedict’ from their hospitality menu because of the new Pope was named Benedict. The brown brogue wearing bunch simply could not stomach eating something that sounded so ‘feniany’.

In the same year, Peperami’s were banned from the ground after complaints were made about their green packaging. Pepparami caught wind of this and a few weeks later at a Celtic home game; every single home supporter got a free Pepperami stuck to the back of their chairs. It became so laughable even the Celtic players got in on the act with big Rab Douglas sitting down at full time after beating the old club and munching on the beefy snack.

In 2009, there was an uproar over green straws and again the colour of a packet of crisps. Truly, mind-melting stuff. Anything green must go.

It was the new club and Pedro Caixinha that tried to ban green boots from Ibrox to create some sort of siege mentality just a year or so ago.

Still no solution to the green grass at Ibrox either. How do they cope with the constant reminders of their Glasgow rivals?

This is a club so staunch they’ve given up winning trophies because Celtic are synonymous with winning silverware. I admire their commitment.


  1. They really are a feckin joke
    Only at the crumbledome
    Only thing allowed over there is sectarianism and racist bigots
    Not to mention not paying their queen her dues
    Stealing from poppy tins
    They claim to love their armed forces, but stole the help for heroes t-shirt money
    Nothing these scumbags do would surprise their master satan
    Hope there end comes soon

  2. Did they (or the previous club) not try Kentucky Blue Grass (still green but different in name for them, they are that petty/bigoted) and it was a disaster and cut up badly?


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