POLICE SCOTLAND are now looking into the practicalities of running two semi-finals on the same day after initially giving the SPFL the green light.

A Tweet from Police Scotland suggests they are now reconsidering the farcical decision which was made late last week.

The SPFL confirmed they would play both games on the same day after looking at their options and said they were ‘contractually obligated’ to do so. Even though the SPFL have taken semi-finals elsewhere in the past.

Now, it looks more than likely there will be a re-think after a fan backlash as well as Aberdeen and Hearts going public with their annoyance.

Here is Police Scotland’s full statement on social media

“We’re aware of issues and concerns that have been raised over the last few days about the date and venue of the League Cup semi-finals.

“As a responsible organisation and taking into account these public concerns, I think it sensible to discuss the issues raised with the SPFL and other stakeholders and I have asked the SPFL to look again at the transport plan so we can make a full public safety assessment.”

There is a huge possibility these plans will now be revised and one of the games be moved to another stadium.


  1. Still ,if they have a rethink , why should the first tie drawn ( Hearts v Celtic ) be moved ? It would suit the Aberdeen fans better to travel to Edinburgh – so why is it still being advocated that they play at Hamdump ?

  2. What a lying bastard Donkeyaster is….so all parties knew and were happy….eh no! He should just walk now….disgraceful way to behave and thonk their wont be a kickback….in other news there’s a crisis at Celtic (deflection)


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