There will be an SPFL meeting on Wednesday morning with the shutdown of the lower leagues on the agenda but perhaps Celtic’s trip to Dubai.

We’re unsure if Peter Lawwell will be the representative for the 42 club zoom call but he could face questions as to why the club has shined a negative light on Scottish football and brought the Government’s eyes firmly on them.

The Scottish cup will also be a talking point with the competition postponed for now after the draw was made last week.

It’s a precarious time in the pandemic where football could be postponed for a period of time if the virus can’t be brought under control.

Celtic currently have 13 players self isolating due to their own stupidity.

Peter Lawwell has not bothered to address the fans or shareholders in the wake of another PR disaster for the club this week.

Supporters feel increasingly separated from the club who don’t appear to have the skills to hold themselves to account.


  1. Blah blah, blah. When will this pish ever end? Seems everybody is happy with the nightmare policy of agreeing to disagree with each other. Time for change is now. Don’t see the sense of stopping the contagion of this super flu by all the children mutating it and passing it on the the adults again. ‘One swallow doesn’t make a porn film’. Suspending all outdoor contact sport is the only answer. So no more passing the buck, when you don’t have it or can even see it.


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