On Sunday night, a well placed Celtic social media account posted up an interesting rumour they had heard through the grapevine.

The Celtic account which has over 65k followers and has for their fair share of inside information over the past few years has floated a rumour past their followers.

The account claims the rumour is Celtic are set to be crowned champions in the coming weeks with no sign of football returning before June but there will also be a suspension of the usual ten point deduction for any club who falls into administration.

Why would that be a big deal?

Because a lot of struggling clubs could find themselves in administration and if they’re not out of it by next season they’d start ten points off the pace.

These are extraordinary times and nothing seems to be off the table.

If this goes ahead like this, it could be seen as a fair outcome but you’ll have the usual suspects trying to discredit it.

Celtic are in a great financial position to keep going at the moment and clubs who have not been run so well are facing the potential abyss.


  1. The elimination of the 10 point administration penalty is a sweetener for the tribute team when Celtic get the title.


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