CARL STARFELT has been asked if the Camer Carter-Vickers situation has been discussed internally and if he had any insider knowledge of the outcome.

Celtic are keen to tie the American down to a permanent contract at Parkhead, with his contract clause set to be triggered. However, the final decision lies with the player, and it’s up to him to decide where he plays football next season.

Carl Starfelt admitted to that he had no insider knowledge, saying he only knows as much as us.

“I know nothing more than you guys. I don’t think it’s up to me to persuade him. We will wait and see, it’s not up to me whether he stays or not.”

The Swedish defender did say that he enjoys playing alongside the American, and he hopes that Cameron will stay at Celtic, but he urges fans to ‘wait and see’ what happens;

“Cameron is a very good player and easy to play with. But also, our relationship is very good, the chemistry is very good. We have become friends outside the pitch as well and we can speak freely about situations.

“So that helps and, yeah, we have an understanding about each other and each other’s games and what we want and what we need from each other. Of course I would like to play with him next season because he is a very good player. But we will wait and see.”

Starfelt came under criticism but admitted that he too was self-critical and knew he could do better. The Swede has been top-class consistently this season.

He’s looking forward to playing Champions League football next season, stating that if Celtic win the league, it’ll be the highlight of his career.


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