STEVEN GERRARD has become the poster boy for hypocrites this week when he declared we have a ‘duty of care’ towards match officials in the wake of John Beaton’s inept Glasgow Derby performance.

The unrest is not just down to that game but a plethora of games this season where clubs have been on the receiving end of some bizarre decisions and outcomes at the hands of the SFA.

Steven believes we must respect our officials.

“Refs have a difficult job and we don’t like to see them receiving threats on the back of an Old Firm game. He has an impossible job because he’s dealing with two sets of players who are fired up. He’ll see certain things and miss things, that’s human nature.” he told RecordSport.

“I was aware of the incidents highlighted but I wasn’t really interested in it at all and it wasn’t a surprise when he didn’t have a case to answer.

“But we’ve got a duty of care to respect referees.”

It’s very easy to sit there after a victory and pay lip service to this sort of stuff, but since the Ibrox boss made these comments, it’s been pointed out by most people in the Scottish game he was the original offender at the start of the season.

The former Premier League runner-up unleashed a tirade on referees and claimed bias against Rangers for ‘seasons’.

Graham Spiers was happy to point this out.

Showing just how much Gerrard waffles to suit his own narrative. His comments have caused much hilarity among some in the online Scottish Football community.


  1. Steven gerrard failed 2014 by setting up 70% luis suarez to knock little england oot he also failed at liverpool by setting up demba ba. Sir alex ferguson was correct

  2. Gerrard puts on the tie and brouges and goes with the party line. Embarrassing. He was an under 18 coach . Goes with the we are the peeple thing. His wife’s a Catholic and let’s all do the no surrender Billy boys kill the Catholic scum. God u got no ethics. Obviously not just another ex player looking for money


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