A popular Ibrox page posted the image below of a young lad with a very retro pre-liquidation Rangers top on and insisted this was Steven Gerrard back when he was a young lad.

The Liverpool legend has had credentials questioned due to his admiration for Glasgow’s green and white so what else is there to do but post this utter guff.

The page claimed that the Ibrox boss candidate has been staunch since he was in nappies.

The only problem is, it’s not Steven Gerrard!

The hilarious post was found by the real boys siblings who found it rather amusing.

This was an attempt to try and pull back some of the positive headlines Gerrard has made about Celtic over the years and it backfired on the eejits.

We did hear however that Stevie has owned a pair of brown brogues since the 80s….

Oh dear, oh dear.


  1. There Delusional Fantasies knows no bounds.Its a well known fact to every other fan of every other Club in Scotland.Sevco are at very best,A Joke.Its never a dull day up here in the Premier.Its Giggles Galore.The Big Hoose must stay open.The RainJurZzz are coming lolololol….And they have Stevie G lolololololol….10 In A Row is safely There for the Bhoys.If Dave King thought the name Gerrard would put the fear into us Tims ;).He is very very Very much,Mistaken.If Gerrard does take up the post at £broke he is more deludeid than The Zombie DelooDied.Cmon now Bhoys nae mare Laughing,We are suppose to be taking this all Seriously.HH

  2. What a feckin bunch of muppets
    They really are the champions of being thick
    It’s the only thing they are good at
    I’m really gonna hurt myself laughing when Gerrard turns the manky mob down
    Hail Hail

  3. When ah wis young ah had no sense………ah bought a flute fur 50 pence………….and on that flute aw ah could play……..wis fcuk the bold lizzie and the d.u.a………..nhnahnahanahnahanahna………nahanahanahanahnaa…………….Hail Hail


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