CELTIC PARK is a sight to behold on its own but when you have a talent like @hargi_ on twitter then you can make it look extra special on a calm, hot night in Glasgow.

The pictures below taken and edited by the very talented photographer catches Celtic Park in a stunning light and makes it look even more breathtaking than usual.

Work continues inside the stadium on a daily basis to get the place ready for Celtic’s first game of the season which will either be a home Champions League qualifier depending on the draw or a friendly against Standard Liege.

Yesterday we showed you the pitch is now completely laid and has bedded in very well.

The Hybrid pitch is made for all weathers and will not succumb to the usual wear and tear of a grass pitch in the winter months.

Between the pitch and the new lights, some of which are purely being added to improve upon the atmosphere at Celtic Park – the whole stadium is set to transform again.

The pictures above are a great reminder of how far the club and the area around Celtic Park have come in the past ten years.

With a new museum and hotel set to be built on the ground within the next five years, it’s only going to get better as Celtic become a top UK destination for football fans who want the very best match day experience.



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