Kent appeared at a Hampden hearing today and will now miss the Rangers clash with Motherwell on Sunday and one more fixture after the split.

Unbelievably it is understood that the panel had accepted that Kent did not strike Brown on the head or face but he will still serve a suspension.

An Ibrox spokesperson said: “We are extremely disappointed with the outcome regarding Ryan Kent. Rangers will defend the charge against them as robustly as possible.”

The club with no shame is basically defending violence and with Steven Gerrard making daft threats about the last derby of the season who knows what will happen next. If this whole sorry episode with Kent wasn’t bad enough the SFA today charged Scott Brown with celebrating at the final whistle.

Celtic Football Club has come out today and said they will fight the charge “vigorously”. Chris Sutton described the charge as a new low, while John Hartson commented that it was shambolic.


  1. Congratulations to the SFA. Scotland is now the laughing stock of the football world. McRae and Petrie in colusion with Maxwell have sunk to a new low, in their attempts to hinder Celtic and their captain. Their desire to balance the books with Sevco, after last weekends game, stinks of delusion. The idiots are running the asylum, and the succulent lamb brigade, hiding behind their badges””” are doomed to fail. Between the masons and the orange order, they are determined to do harm to Celtic. I have news for them, suck up to Sevco all you like, you’ll be undone for your actions. Believe me you’ll pay the price for your hatred of Celtic.


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