Chris Sutton called our Ally McCoist’s assertion that Celtic are bang average after watching them go up against Aberdeen two weeks ago.

The former Celtic striker didn’t dispute McCoist’s statement but he did ask the former Ibrox boss about his old team and their form speaking to BT Sport Extra.

McCoist said: “I watched that game [Aberdeen vs Celtic], I don’t know if Chris agrees, but it looked to me like two bang average teams playing each other.”

Sutton asked: “You say two bang average teams, but what would you use as an adjective for Rangers this season?”

McCoist replied: “Extremely average, as well. Oh, yeah.

“I’ve said every week I don’t think Rangers have got going, I really don’t. I still think there’s improvement in them.

“I’ve got to say, if I’m an Aberdeen or Celtic fan, I’m sitting hoping there’s improvement in my team as

Celtic find themselves six points off the pace. Three of those points dropped at Ibrox in a tight game that was decided by one lapse in concentration at corner kick after Edouard missed a sitter.

Our horrible performance at Livingston has put us further behind. However, it can’t be said anyone is really flying – The Rangers are getting the rub of the green when it comes to some game winning decisions – that’s the difference.

Celtic need to make sure they keep in touch at the top and take the league all the way. The only way we can do it is if we exert pressure. It remains to be seen if we can sustain a winning run at this moment in time.


  1. Sevco are at the top only because the refs are taking the rules out of the free mason/ orange order book of referees! Nothing more , nothing less! Cheats, and they are so well known for it!! And Celtic WILL win the league! Hail Hail


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