Former Celtic player Chris Sutton has not been shy in criticising Ronny Deila since he took over from Neil Lennon in the summer. Some maybe justified criticism at times but in other instances they have been nothing more that sensationalism as the former hoops earns his 30 pieces of silver working for the media. They same kind of guys he bemoaned when he was a player.

His latest offering on Ronny Deila is one that surpasses all others. The BT sports pundit and failed football manager has said he expects Celtic to win the WORST treble in history. A comment that leaves or manager in a no-win situation. IF Celtic do win the treble he laments the way we did it and if we don’t then he simply does what he’s been doing since Ronny arrived which is to crucify the Norwegian.

Lets get one thing straight, everyone is indeed entitled to their opinion and many fans have agreed with his take on Deila but if any Celtic fan out there wouldn’t get eternal joy from a domestic treble this season under Deila then what are you doing supporting the team? He seems to want to up the anti against Deila when he was very quiet while our last manager got knocked out of cup competitions etc.

It’s perhaps a comment too far from the scathing Englishman. As long as it sells papers though eh….

Twitter had plenty to say about the former players comments –


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