CHRIS SUTTON is at a loss after seeing Stevie Clarke get pulled up for a calm, measured approach to talking about officials but seeing nothing happening to Steven Gerrard for his comments on officials since coming in as Ibrox boss.

Clarke had a go at officials after Gary Dicker’s red card was upheld by the panel and admitted he wasn’t surprised by it at all.

In the same league, Steven Gerrard has now inferred a bias against Rangers dating back years and also outright blamed the official for his loss to Celtic before the international break, yet nothing has been done about it.

The former Celtic striker believes the beaks at the SFA only apply the rules when it suits them and went one further and questioned if they even knew their own rules.

Writing in his Daily Record column, Sutton wants to know why Gerrard didn’t get clobbered by the SFA:

“Clarke gets hammered under rule 72 for comments that ‘indicate bias or incompetence of a match official’ and he was also hit for bringing the ga to disrepute.

“But I’d like to know how he can get clobbered for his calm and reasoned response – yet there wasn’t a peep from the beaks about Steven Gerrard after he practically inferred there was a long-standing refereeing conspiracy against Rangers.”

It’s an absolute spot on point by the BT Sports pundit. How can the SFA charge Clarke and not Gerrard for his Celtic outburst?

It’s time they start being consistent across the board.


  1. They ARE consistent. They consistently favour one team….McGregor , Morelas , Jack , Gerrard.
    Every other club feels the full weight of the law, and if your name is Neil Lennon , you can double that.

    • No Chris, it’s time that others being clobbered started to take the SFA to the Courts for their bias and sue them to hell. Once the SFA start to have to Pay Money out for their discrimination then they will start to change and will have to apply the rules to everyone. If they continue to apply the Rules in this select manner then they Court of the land would have to find them guilty of discrimination and bias.

  2. Fifa rules forbid teams or individuals, who take their associations to court from participating in ANY fifa competition until the court proceedings are complete, and the ruling from the courts put into practice, and the SFA are well aware of this


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