CHARLIE NICHOLAS and the Celtic support have rarely seen eye to eye during his media career but many will identify with what he’s saying this week.

The former Sky Sports man is asking the board to take the edge off how Celtic fans are feeling by making a definitive statement on the manager’s future.

We know the league is gone, we know we need to build for next season but the inaction or the unwillingness to let the Celtic fans know what’s going on has become painful.

At a time when we’re all feeling low and detached from the club, the board have done everything they could to make us feel further away.

Mostly silence after every shocking defeat we’ve had, letting our manager go into press conferences and gaslight the Celtic support, week after week. It’s become a farce and we need to know what happens next.

There’s a very real possibility our rivals will win the league against Celtic in a few weeks time. Nicholas puts it to the Celtic board they must announce Neil Lennon’s departure, even if they tell the support he will see out this season.

“Celtic need to make an announcement to say that Neil Lennon will be going at the end of the season.” Nicholas told SunSport.

“They need to do that to take some of the edge off Rangers and before they win the title.

“I know Neil will probably disagree with me but that is my view.

“I just don’t think they can keep him in place because a lot of the Celtic fans wouldn’t accept it.

“Neil has been the fall guy and an announcement that he is going I think would stabilise the fans to see who they would want as his successor.

“I am not looking for a gigantic statement but in protection of Neil Lennon there should be one, saying Neil will complete the season and a new manager will come after that.

“If that was to happen then I think the Celtic fans would accept that because the team can’t keep going on as it has without any real long-term plan.

“Celtic have to take an edge back from the dominance that Rangers have just now.”

Celtic have renewals coming up in the next 8 weeks, they can’t afford to stay quiet for much longer. Will they wait until the league is officially lost before they make their statement?


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