CELTIC came from a goal down to draw 1-1 with Motherwell last night as the club continued their amazing unbeaten run that now stretches to 66 games.

Much to the dismay of Adrian Durham! The man who once tipped Mark Warburton to be England manager due to his lower league exploits has a massive problem with Celtic’s winning run.

1-0 Motherwell

1-1 Scotty Sinclair

Full Time.

The pain, the sadness, the sour grapes. Keep on being you, Adrian!


  1. dont think that celtic and our great suppoerters will lose much sleep over this man . like everyone he is entitled to his oppinion, but their is a fine line between honesty and bitterness , but think he has widened it by a mile or two. as i say hes not a problem to celtic our great club , he is insignifigent , , we will always have our loyal supporters , for our great team , always their to support brendan and the bhoys , and of course to enjoy them taking all the spoils . so god bless all at paradise , just got to love the hoops .

  2. Adrian Numnut does not hide his love of ranjars we should know better hope it keeps hurting 66_not out to the clown who does the show with him another dick who never tires of having a go at us cmon the Hoops

  3. Durham the Bum,Its absolutely Bliss seeing these Cretins getting in there with there Tuppence Worth of Sour Grapes.As f any Bhoy or Ghirl gives a HooT what these Sevconian Real RainJurz fans think or say.Them and there Club are Irrelevant to Everything Celtic.We have a History Thats Second To None.We Go from Strength to Strength,And there EBT sooper dooper stars didnt go on any Hazy Runs of Wins….Our Club has Never Ever Been known or Labelled,Blatant Cheats or Corrupt.HunLike Some.GIRUTSC!!!!!!HH n Awrat

  4. Wid McInnes deliberately bugger up his Tactics against his Brethren,As he is still being touted for the Real Sevcolona Post.Nothing wid surprise me with the Most Corruptable Club in Scottish Football History.


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