Neil Lennon might have echoed a lot of fans sentiments with his latest comments on how Celtic will line up for the forthcoming season. Fans seemed to be bored of the overpassing dominant style Brendan Rodgers has instilled in his squad.

It’s the type of football you would appreciate when your a few goals up and not chasing goals. Neil Lennon has vowed to change the attacking philosophy this season according to Football Scotland.

“Defensively we were 
excellent, especially in the second half of the season and I want that to continue. But I would like us to be more prolific and create 
more chances.

“That is nothing to do with Brendan. He is an 
attack-minded coach but you can be attack-minded in different ways. We had an attacking team in my first spell at Celtic. We had an attacking team at Hibs. I want to bring that here.

The Irish manager is looking to put some tempo into the Celtic attacks,

“We have attacking players and I would maybe like to quicken the tempo at times. I want to get the ball forward into the strikers and wide men quicker, that’s all. I want us to create more excitement and goal chances, rather than control the game passively.

Celtic got caught twice at Ibrox last season with their possession play, they also seemed devoid of any plan B to counteract the high pressing gameplan the Rangers had. Neils words will certainly make a lot of fans happy and they will look forward to watching his new tempo in action.


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