Celtic got ripped asunder tonight at Celtic Park by a very average Romanian team. The Bhoys got off to the worse possible start and went in at half time one-nil down and needing two goals.

Most of the attacking play could not be faulted but the defending left a lot to be desired. The men in suits have known for far too long that major investment needed to be made in the back four. That failure to be prepared has cost Celtic a place in the Champions League group stages. Losing 3-4 at home to a pretty average team with so much at stake will leave more questions than answers.

Chris Sutton only needed one Tweet to capture the thoughts of many Celtic fans.

The fact that one of the best midfielders in Scotland had to play at left-back tonight did not sit well with most Celtic fans. Kieran Tierney has clearly told the suits at Celtic Park two months ago that he wants a new challenge. Add the loss of Benkovic, Boyata, Lustig and Izzaguire to the mix and you can see what Celtic are missing.

Elhamed looks like a good solid signing and Neil Lennon will need to replicate that kind of player at left-back.


  1. Lennoxtown should be sacked and Scott Brown never play another game for Celtic. Scott Bain is not good enough either.

    So disappointed for Celtic fans who were so let down by the management and the captain. Too painful to say more

  2. sutton says lennon should walk if he diddnay get money………………ffs……………hes spent 12mill………..the banger should be sacked…………..fuckin ronny diela esque………..need i say more……..sack desmond sack lawell sack fuckin lennon.

  3. I just cant believe Lennons team selection….
    We need a clean sheet to go through and he puts a creative midget at left back, a panic merchant (Jozo) who invites pressure on the back line,a spineless wimp (Ntcham) in midfield,and Mikey J is obviously not ready for that kind of crucial game at that level.
    Losing 4 goals is a disgrace,and the blame lies squarely on Lennons shoulders in my opinion.
    First 20 mins the players looked like they had never met before.
    Ntcham could beat Lord Lucan at hide ‘n’ seek…..he’s sh!te.

  4. The defence is not entirely at fault ,but is that cunt browns fault ,he draws our defence up the park with that fucking back passing shit gets them involved to off ten in his type of play and they are left out of position every week and have to run like fuck into the box to catch up

  5. Mr Lewell/Dermott after tonites result you both should be releived of your duties regarding Celtic f/ball club you lnow the old saying speculate to accumilate you two as head of CFC did neither and as for your manager the yes man lennon you never gave him a chance his head should also roll the buck stops with you guys the supporters have put ther money were ther mouths are bye buying all the s/tickets at a fantastic rate yet get absolutely nothing in return i e the better the tools tje easier the job and you did fukall to help your manager but sell his best player shame on you guys disgraceful.


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