CELTIC are back in action this weekend against Brechin, then Thistle followed by Neil Lennon’s Hibernian on the 27th January, swiftly followed by Hearts on the 30th.

While these dates and fixtures should be in the forefront of the manager’s mind, there is another date the clock is quickly ticking down to – February 1st.

The significance? The January window slams shut on any business Celtic can do until June.

As I write this blog, the club has just fifteen days to secure any players they deem fit enough to help improve Celtic in the second half of the season and help combat a very efficient Zenit side.

Celtic fans are in a peculiar spot, we know on their day, the team can be fantastic. The problem is, we’ve only seen it in fits and burst since October.

Marvin Compper and Lewis Morgan being signed up look like great pieces of business, yes, Marvin can help in the league but can do nothing for Celtic in the Europa being cup tied. We all know Lewis is effectively a summer signing, which leaves Celtic short of alternatives to what we’ve had this season so far.

Stuart Armstrong going in for surgery could not come at a worse time. While the player has had his fair share of criticism this season, it was thought that he could kick on and recapture last season’s form in the second half of the season – starting with the Edinburgh double header. Now, the Scottish International has been ruled out until late February it puts Celtic in greater need of reinforcements on a short term basis at least.

That’s where loan deals could ultimately serve the club well if Rodgers feels there is no value for money in any of his identified targets at the minute.

You get the feeling something is coming, and if that something was a player like Charly Musonda or someone of that ilk; a player with bags of talent and great potential then I think the fans would be happy moving forward.

Brendan Rodgers told people earlier this week to lay off his defenders, as they’ve come in for some ‘undue criticism’ in his eyes. You can bet that if Celtic go out to Zenit at the hands of a defensive cock-up or a thrashing the fans who have been screaming for more defensive reinforcements will hit a new decibel level.

Ultimately, it’s up to Celtic to back their manager and for Brendan to think a player can add value. If these two requirements don’t match up then we could be bemoaning yet another snoozefest transfer window.

However, as I said, it feels like something’s coming!

15 days to go!



  1. At exactly 11.59 on the 31st Of January we’ll make a Bid for some unknown winger…Bang..The windows Slams Shut And Liarwell has saved more Cash..We’ve signed a 32 yr old and a young guy who can’t play for us until the Summer..Absolutely Pathetic As Usual Celtic..Don’t forget We’re only 9 points ahead of Newco and another couple of Shitey games and they’re up our arse..C/Mon Mr Liarwell prove me rong but I doubt it..

    • Were 11 points infront af the tribute act and as for being up our arse away and rethink what you’ve just said

      If you think that they will be anywhere near us come may then you have serious problems regarding where we are as a club , we’ve lost once in 74 games Jesus our players are human even if we had lost 5 that’s still phenomenal!! Bloody enjoy what’s happening as you’ll soon realise how good we have it

      • It’s only my Opinion..We need fresh legs..We can’t rely on Broonie all the time..Yes were 11 points ahead but that only 3 dodgy decisions by The Masons in the Black..We need a Couple of Hungry Guys in that team..Now and not the Summer

    • Me thinks your an orc!! only in its 11 points ahead of sevco piss off back to your orc sites!1 CELTIC WILL ROMP THE LEAGUE AGAIN BY 20 PLUS POINTS EASILY!1

  2. I think thy are hard at work behind the seen just wight and see there will be some action Brendan Rodgers has said that so he knows something we don’t he said we would be stronger in Brendan we trust hail hail?????⚽⚽????

  3. Not reading the entire article, people can spin things whatever way they wish but we need players brought in asap, we are short in certain areas and simply need an upgrade in others. At this point in time I give us very little chance v zenith , not that I know too much about them but I do know that we have been way short of last seasons standards

  4. Tadgerry,Your Sevcosus is in Abundance,You can always tell when a DelooDeid Rancid Cretin has plucked up the courage to Show up on a Celtic Site or Forum etc.No matter how much Money Your Corrupt Club Splashes Out (NOT) on LOAN DEALS!!!The Embarrassment that is Sevco 5088 Keeps On Giving Each and Every Kafflik the Blissful Satisfaction of Witnessing the 2nd Only Club Ever in the History of Scottish Football.To simply just Brass its Case Through A Humiliating Existance as if Nothing Happened.And Embarrassingly Claim to be RainJurZz 1872 Who are The Most Corrupt Cheating Liars in the History of the Scottish Game.Fact !!!Hows the Court Proceedings Looking for The Lying King…Glasgow Is And Always Will Be Green and White…TadGerry i dont mean Craigy Bhoy or Yorkshire Charles..God Bless You,Poor Wee Hun

    • No matter what you say I’ve been a Celtic Man all my life..So because you don’t like what I say your calling me a Hun..Well seen you don’t no me Pal..My 1st Celtic Game was in 1954..I was 4 yrs old and my father took me to the game against Sevco..You really are way of the Mark thinking I support that Fkn bile of a club but just as me your allowed your opinion..But You’ve got me all wrong..

  5. To answer the headline question. Naw. It is doubtful that Celtic will sign anyone to play at the level of competition the club finds itself in. This is the worrying thing. i am alarmed at the number of Sevco-esque dolts who wander around muttering ‘In Brendan we trust’ and we ahve just won 69 games in a row. that is gone. Celtic have played well in about 6 games of the 30 odd they have played since August. The European campaign was a disgrace. Not bad it shamed the club. The European campaign taken in isolation was a sackable offence for the manager. The damage it did to the club was enormous and is the reason for the terrible way they have played since November. the players are ashamed of themselves and know theya re just SPL players, no more. Beating Scottish teams 169 times in a row means nothing. The supporters rightly love Rodgers but many see he is a manager with more than a few faults. at times he can be blinkered and even delusional. he is also poor in Europe. He was with Liverpool he is with Celtic. I also thought he would call the parsimonious tories on the board out if he was not backed but he does not. He is obviously getting a bonus for saving cash and keeping the dummies from thinking for themselves because every time Celtic supporters start to question the board out come s wee Brendan with a ‘lay off my defenders’ or a south African 20 year old is Ok for the CL’ crock. Celtic are not good enough to play in Europe and the tragedy is the club has enough money to get better but will not spend it. But the supports are arrogant and complacent and think that 10 in a row is a foregone conclusion it is not. And to not win 10 in a row because of failure to invest will never be forgiven. Remember the team were soundly booed against them. You could view that as victims of their own success but it is something I have never heard before and that is because it was not good enough and 0-0 was the best result we could have got. We were there for the taking in a woeful second half. To not notice this and fail to improve the team is criminal negligence and if some supporters don’t wake up and demand that Celtic invest like a big club they will be crying too little too late.


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