You might have missed it because it’s not getting reported in many places but the efforts of Celtic fans with the Green Brigades help, we raised a lot of money for a great cause.

As the group get flak for their Rod Stewart banner and use of flares, the work these guys do on a regular basis is exceptional. They coordinate, deliver and give us all the opportunity to give back.

The annual food drive by the Green Brigade means there will be less starving families this Christmas and toys for the little ones, letting them know Santa has been.

In these hard and dark times, the group are vilified for having a go at the elite while they do their bit to try and lessen the damage austerity has done to our country.

We’re no longer in a society where you need to be unemployed to be living in poverty – you could be earning a living but still be below the breadline and unable to pay for the simplest of needs.

We applaud the green brigade for their efforts and everyone who donated. Hail Hail



    • Bit of an insult Green Machine,to the many thousands of Celtic fans (and other clubs fans) that do just as much as the G.B to aid the needy.
      Fair enough praising the Brigade,but doesn’t give you the right dismiss the many silent givers,and as for the UEFA fines accumulated by the Green Brigade ? How much more good could be done with that money ,rather than waste it needlessly ?
      So let the GB continue doing good,but leave the crap on the pavement before entry to supporting the team.

  1. How could believe it? Charidy donations released by the GB the day after yet another UEFA fine given to Celtic due to their selfish childish antics.

    Stick to the charidy collections lads and stay away from the Celtic games-we’re sick of your self-indulgent antics

  2. Well, that would cover the latest fine, but it’s a long way short of your diminishing reputation…
    Lots of supporters donated money to the Celtic Foundation on Sunday, don’t see them wanting a pat on the back.


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