MIKAEL LUSTIG is the captain of Celtic with Scott Brown being out of action.

There are so many duties that go along with being captain of Themis great club, you can be forgiven if you miss one procedure before kick off.

From the coin toss to the handshakes, getting the team together for the huddle and think about what you’re going to say in the huddle to inspire your teammates.

So say you were so preoccupied with all that you forget to lead your UEFA appointed child mascot out with you onto the field.

This is the hilarious money Lustig walks out with his young mascot as Celtic captain and the young lad not fully  knowing the procedure, walks away from the defender.

Lustig turns around to see the mascot heading in the opposite direction but it’s too late and he is lost to the Leipzig players.

Luckily he captained the side to victory after that howler of a start.



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