Celtic take on FC Astana tomorrow night in a game that will massively shape our season. The 1-1 draw in the first leg puts Celtic in the driver’s seat but nothing is certain at this point.

Ticket sales have been steadily increasing over the past 48 hours for Wednesday with many wondering if it was even going to be shown on TV to the fans who can’t make it.

Well, the answer is, it will! The whole match will be streamed live WORLDWIDE by Celtic TV for their subscribers.

A good move for the club as it looked like there might be a blackout for the important match. However, it will cost you £40 for a years subscription to Celtic TV which you cannot pay for on a month to month basis so it’s a decent outlay if you’re only going to use it for Wednesday.

It still cheaper to go to the game in person if you can but this move will delight fans who are already subscribed to the service with more now looking to sign up.

Whether you’re off to Celtic Park or subscribed to Celtic TV one thing’s for sure, if you want to see the game, the only way is Celtic.




  1. I understand the club want to sell TV subscriptions, but it looks a bit small time when its not on the main TV channells.

  2. Disgusted Celtic are not considering millions of fans who don’t have access to a computer, as I don’t. I spend a fortune travelling from Belfast for Celtic games and look forward to watching the ones I can’t attend, on tv. This is a huge game and Celtic should have put the fans first for a change. Money grabbing never goes away.


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